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Case Study: withers local area plan and community hub

Co-designing a community-driven suburb-wide strategy

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The challenge:

The City of Bunbury were looking for a way forward in Withers. Many plans had previously been proposed, and then rejected, by the community.

The solution:

We worked together with the community of Withers, as well as key community stakeholders, to co-design an agreed way forward for the suburb and its people. Having strong support from our client, the City of Bunbury, and collaborators the Housing Authority and the South West Development Commission, we worked alongside a number of ‘community champions‘ – dedicated community volunteers and leaders – throughout the duration of the project. This was integral to an outcome which responded to Withers’ unique identity, and ensured the process was directly aligned with both community and local government needs, expectations and resources.

The outcome:

The Withers Local Area Plan sets out agreed, top-down and bottom-up strategy for the future of the suburb, including a vision, a spatial plan, the identification of key precincts for strategic redevelopment and ten implementation strategies.


Client: City of Bunbury, Housing Authority and South West Development Commission
Location: Bunbury, WA
Dates: 2014 - 2016


2016 AILA WA Award of Excellence for Communities