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Vanessa Margetts, emerging voice in landscape architecture

04 November

Vanessa Margetts, UDLA Kimberley Manager and senior landscape architect at the UDLA Broome studio, has been selected as an emerging voice in Australian landscape architecture by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and Landscape Australia.

As part of AILA’s 50th anniversary celebrations, Landscape Australia has highlighted ten professionals across Australia who are at the forefront of future directions in the field. Through collaborative projects such as the Yawuru Cultural Management Plan, the Murujuga Cultural Management Plan and the Jetty to Jetty Heritage Trail, Vanessa’s commitment to design that respects the old, diverse and culturally rich Australian landscape has set her apart.

To design within this context, Vanessa is committed to the importance of, “forming meaningful relationships with traditional custodians and working together to share knowledge and develop ideas.  As design or planning professionals who make changes to the landscape, we have an obligation to be respectful and listen. This is a positive challenge and can produce exciting spaces and healthy communities.”

Vanessa pays particular tribute to the Elders who have shared their knowledge, and who have been central to shaping her design philosophy and landscape architectural approach.

Congratulations, Vanessa!


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Jetty to Jetty at Shinju Matsuri

29 August

UDLA Broome are part of the team designing Jetty to Jetty: Stories of Broome, an event for this year’s Shinju Matsuri Festival. If you’re lucky enough to be in town for Shinju, keep an eye out for this project, running from September 13 to September 15.

The event centres around key points of the Jetty to Jetty Heritage Walk Trail, highlighting three locations – Streeters Jetty, Kennedy Hill and the Goods Shed.  Attendees will experience projections, performances and aural histories that tell the story of Broome’s past and present.

All event info can be found, here.



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UDLA awarded by Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

03 August

We’ve been lucky to work across a diverse range of projects and with a broad group of collaborators over the last year.  At the recent Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) WA awards, two of these projects have been acknowledged, with UDLA receiving a Tourism Award and the Communities Award of Excellence.  We would like to acknowledge all who worked together with us on these projects, both true collaborations with clients, stakeholders and community.

The Withers Local Area Plan was awarded the Communities Award of Excellence, which was a collaboration between UDLA, the City of Bunbury, the Housing Authority, the South West Development Commission, and the community and stakeholders of Withers.  Thank you to all who contributed to this vision for the future of Withers.

The Jetty to Jetty Heritage Trail was awarded the AILA Tourism Award, a collaboration between UDLA, Nyamba Buru Yawuru, the Shire of Broome, Tourism WA and Lotteries West. Thank you to Sarah Yu for the concept, Stephen Bart Pigram, Mayu Kanamori, and to the 28 storytellers for the magic stories and cutural content.

Image: Stephen Bart Pigram and Jeremy Macmath, courtesy of AILA. Photographer: Ilkka K.


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New Heritage Trail for Broome

08 April

We’re pleased to announce that Nyamba Buru Yawuru’s greatly anticipated Jetty to Jetty Heritage Walk Trail in Broome has now been lauched.

Since 2012, Vanessa Margetts and Jeremy Macmath at the UDLA Broome studio have been working alongside Nyamba Buru Yawuru and the Shire of Broome on the master planning, design and construction of this walk trail, as well as on the book, brochure and postcards that accompany it.

The trail spans many significant sites, both in the town centre of Broome as well as along the foreshore, and is accompanied by interpretative signage and seating as well as the Jetty to Jetty audio app which tells the story of the cultural significance of this area.

Many thanks to Nyamba Buru Yawuru for having us as a part of this design project.  It’s great to see the trail complete and to have played a part in the interpretation and communication of Broome’s history and culture.

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Januburu Six Seasons featured in Fairchild Books Publication

22 July

UDLA project, Januburu Six Seasons has been featured in a Fairchild Books publication, The Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture by Tim Waterman. Januburu Six Seasons is pinpointed as a case study in Waterman’s discussion of habitation of the landscape, in which the project as well as UDLA’s two-way, facilitated design process, is discussed.

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UDLA Broome office celebrates first year

07 July

UDLA’s Broome office has recently celebrated a successful first year in the North West. Many thanks to all of those who have been a part of our first year, and will be there to help us bring in our second.

Keep an eye on our blog for regular updates from our Broome team, Vanessa Margetts and Jeremy Macmath.

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Broome Time: A message from the outpost

Jeremy Macmath, Landscape Architect and a part of our Broome team, updates us on life and work in Broome as our UDLA outpost celebrates one year in the North West.

What a timely opportunity to post as the UDLA Broome Studio has now been open for just over one year.

Looking into the street from my desk in UDLA’s China Town studio quickly highlights the binary opposites that exist in the natural and cultural fabric of the town: Frangipanis & Jiggals, 4WDs and push bikes, pro development and pro conservation, pearls and poverty.

The blue skies, red dirt, white beaches, milky creeks and wattles form the palate of nature that stretch beyond the town and into the harsh yet beautiful plains around us.

Lifestyle and landscape aside, UDLA Broome has been fortunate to have been kept off the beach and in the office with an amazing amount of new and ongoing work with developers, architects, the shire and the Traditional Owners. It is fair to say that local business has welcomed us with open arms.

The varied culturally driven projects emerging from Broome’s Traditional Owner corporation, Nyamba Buru Yawuru have challenged and excited, while the tail end of Broome North has kept us on our toes. Projects in Kununurra, Warmun and in Murujuga (the Burrup) have given us opportunities to explore and practice further into the regions.

The studio hasn’t been without its challenges and it has certainly not been all gin and tonics and sunsets! Lazy internet and server connections emerged early and made us realise how far away we were (and how poor the infrastructure is to these parts of the world). We later realised that humidity and computers don’t mix!

Internally, the challenges of managing and collaborating on projects remotely has been something that has not only engulfed the Broome Studio, but all those in Freo working with us. We are all in a remote studio now.

Working with regional contractors has proved challenging with supply times long, staff retention difficult and skills and project knowledge often lost. Expressing the concept of ‘Broome Time’ to Perth based mob can be tough and vice versa, so we will continue to carefully tap dance between the two.

The next few months will bring landscape works for a LandCorp & NBY Joint Venture Industrial Estate, the design and development of a Yawuru Healing Centre and the long awaited installation of the Jetty to Jetty Trail. The recent arrival of the dry season has instantly sprung the town from its wet season siesta and gives opportunities to work on our fishing skills, discover new camping spots and get back in the ocean (not that we ever stopped).

We will raise a ginger beer in the coming weeks to celebrate our anniversary and the exciting prospects that the future will bring us. Be sure to knock on the door if ever in town.