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Broome North

Client: LandCorp
Location: Broome, WA
Dates: 2009 – ongoing
Collaborators: LandCorp + Broome community and stakeholders
UDLA have been engaged by LandCorp as part of a multidisciplinary project team for urban design and landscape implementation services for a number of large residential parcels in Broome.

Throughout public open spaces in this project, the use of local planting and robust materials with grouped tree planting has created a low maintenance landscapes with clear sight lines, enabling passive surveillance in spaces which allow for both passive and active uses.  Kick-about spaces have been designed to hold water during periods of high inundation, allowing for active use areas to be integrated with an extensive drainage system.

Community engagement played a large part in the realisation of this project. For Magabala Botanical Park, for example, UDLA facilitated design workshops with the Society for Kimberley Indigenous Plants and Animals (SKIPAS) members and collaboratively worked ideas into a plan featuring biodiversity planting and a range of habitats from the Kimberley region.  Likewise, at Tanami Park, the incorporation of a ‘skateable’ active space close to the town centre evolved from a number of community workshop held by UDLA. As a result, the site has been programmed and designed for youth, allowing a place to meet, play, interact, and be seen.

UDLA’s responsibilities include ongoing design facilitation with the local authorities and Traditional Owners with the aim of maximising community value and worth with regard to ‘sense of place’ and connection to Country.

  • Large scale landscape plan including residential, verge and public open space areas;
  • Provision of community access to local parks and outdoor amenity;
  • Multiple use public open space and swale areas integrated with an extensive drainage system; and
  • Maximised community value through an engaged design process and continued facilitated discussion with Traditional Owners and local authorities.